Grilled Cauliflower Tacos & Beet Salad


Just made these today. The tacos were delicious and filling. You can add some feta cheese if you like or other toppings, including the green avocado crema (recipe included in link at the bottom). The tacos go with a variety of things. I made beet salad as a side dish as well. Beet salads are my favorite and have been since I was little. Here’s the recipe to the Grilled Cauliflower Tacos and the Beet Salad. For the beet salad I added just a bit of mayo. To make it healthier and strictly vegan, you can make it without mayo.

Quinoa Black Bean Wraps

Within the last few weeks I have been making my transition into eating vegetarian and vegan meals. I have so far made a few meals that did not last on the plate for too long before my family and I punished them *giggle* 😄. There is so much variety out there that will motivate you to go vegetarian or vegan. I bookmarked a recipe a few days ago and made it today.


Quinoa Black Bean Wraps

They are so good and are super healthy. Here’s the recipe link: Quinoa Black Bean Wrap

I decided to incorporate vegan and vegetarian foods into my diet because I felt weighed down eating meats. In combination with the humane factor of doing my part in respecting animal life, I felt like taking a healthier route. Meats are more of an acidic food and that in itself is not contributing to my skin health and energy in general. Since eating healthier, I have felt more energized, and have notice slight positive differences in my body.