Progress is Made Through Mistakes

When making a change to old habits and attitudes we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that this change should happen as soon as possible. We don’t give ourselves room for mistake.  This undermines our own ability to make the changes we seek. We become the tough and even judgmental voices that we heard growing up, and we may lose motivation.

Think back to when you were a small child. How would you have preferred to be treated when making mistakes? Even if you didn’t receive the best treatment from the adults around you, if you could go back and interact with your child self, how would you treat them when making those mistakes? How would you want to treat your own children to the best of your ability? You would be nurturing and kind. You would be encouraging and not beat down their self confidence. When messing up, you’d tell them to try again and to keep trying because something is always learned with each mistake. You’d let them know that mistakes are not bad and they part of growing and learning.

Effort always gets the momentum going. You’ve began the process and as you continue, you’re already changing. Do not stop the process by undermining what you’ve already accomplished because of a few setbacks. Disappointment is natural. We want the best for ourselves but we may not be realistic about the time it takes. Allow room for mistake, but don’t stop and settle into old ways because you may not see anything happening yet. See yourself as the small child you were, be encouraging and patient. Address yourself positively and you’ll see results over time.


New Beginnings Can Be Frightening

There comes a period of time when a necessary cleansing needs to take place. You look forward to it and the rewards this cleansing will bring. There will always be beautiful gifts when letting go of old energy and habits that do not serve us. Once the work has been done, you’re left with a void. Even if the old habits and old things were wrecking your life or just leading you nowhere, there is that empty void staring you in the soul.


“It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap.”

This is my current experience. It is a huge life change you should be proud of but then there’s that gap and you start wondering what you should do. You may even fall into a depression and fear of the unknown. It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap. The long milliseconds turned to what seems like minutes between the jump and the landing. This is where meditation and reflection must come in. I haven’t always shot straight to those methods, even nowadays and sort of ruminated, fell a bit depressed and even manic. But as time went by and I began to look through my life journey and the spiritual milestones I have attained through meditation itself, I began to look to self-reflection once again.

I am obviously back at writing now..something that I love but haven’t done in months. My case of “writer’s block” was simply being distracted by old drama and bullshit. It was blocking my creative energy. There were things that I needed to rid myself of. It was hard! It always is. I had to work through some past traumas and a few toxic interactions that took me a while to recognize as toxic and I finally came through the threshold. I am literally a blank slate at this point. I am excited, impatient, anxious and freaked out.

….But here I am actually writing after months and months of being stuck!!! The creative energy  is flowing back, bringing with it some new ideas. Many manifestations that I have set the intention for in the past are coming to fruition now, all thanks to letting go. Changes and new beginnings are scary because many of us are simply control freaks trying to constantly foresee the future. We can be gluttons for pain as we hold on to toxic crap that only delays our progress. I am happy to finally have made it through yet another cycle.