The Wise Giver


Being loving, giving, of service to others or being a person who is naturally inclined to do for others, sharing talents with others, spreading positive vibes as much as possible, etc. is not to be confused with some being weak. It can turn into a weakness only when you are not in balance and you don’t take care of yourself first. When your giving is not based on the pure desire to give, it can become problematic. Giving based on feelings of guilt, wanting acceptance, feeling like you owe something, or giving only to receive is, of course, not coming from a genuine space.

Your compassion is not going full circle if you are giving before taking care of yourself first. We are like cups that need to be at least somewhat full in order to give some of our contents to others. Being on a path of giving the world what you have to offer is beautiful as long as it is done because you deeply desire to. A wise person who truly has the desire to share their gifts and themselves with the world, are able to do so because they have already given themselves the TLC that they needed.

Sometimes those who are not yet ready to be on that kind of path or just don’t desire it, feel like giving is a burden. Like something is being taken from them. When they criticize you, they are projecting how badly they would feel if they were to give just as much, not realizing that when you actually give yourself that TLC, you are a cup that forever refills. You are wise enough to repose, and also have the power to say ‘No’ or put someone in their place when necessary. You’re not a doormat or whatever else they assume based on your kindness. Most people think in black and white terms. The wise giver is someone who makes sure there is a balance.

The Passive And Active Ego

The two types of ego:

  • Active ego: Boisterous and Bragging, displaying talents only for approval and compliments. Looking down on others who you believe are below you.
  • Passive ego: Hiding away for fear of being seen as one who brags or thinks is better than others. Deciding not to put your works of art or talents out there for fear that others will judge and accuse you for thinking you are better than they are.


  • The happy medium: Being happy about your work and satisfied that you did it. Not hanging on to positive or negative critique. Knowing that you put your heart and soul into it and tuning out critique but being grateful for the positive whilst not clinging to it. Knowing that your work is an expression of your soul and it was meant to be out there. It is being able to check yourself when either of these “voices” come up, that wonder what others will think. Every time you think: “will they like this” or “I can’t wait to make others jealous by doing/buying this” “they’re gonna hate on me” or “omg let me not do this because I’ll be labeled conceited.”.

I have fallen into the trap of the latter: The passive ego. I almost did not open this page (Facebook fan page I have)  for fear of being looked at as some “know it all” or some charlatan, but I went ahead with it anyway because I want to share some of what I have learned in my journey. Everyone has a right to share with the world their knowledge, wisdom, talents, specially if they come from the heart and soul..specially if they are passionate about them and they feel guided. There are many that can benefit from your creativity and wisdom. Everyone has something to bring to the table.. EVERYONE!!!

Love ♥Diana