Owning Yourself

When you stand in your own power you don’t fret about how someone with more money, status, “personality”, skills or more of anything, will upstage you. Standing in your own power means to have pride in yourself and what you are made of. Weather it is socially comparable as less than or more than another. In reality nothing is comparable. We all bring our own gifts to this world. I come across many people of all walks of life who are socially more successful in many areas that I may not be as successful in. I treat them with respect and acknowledge them as I would anyone else “less” or “more” successful, and it is easy for me to do that because I have overall, a healthy sense of self-respect and self-love, which I continue to work on as much as possible.


Vixen, Source: Google Images

Working on your own inner healing leads to self-appreciation. Taking a stand in not remaining stuck in certain emotions, acknowledging those emotions, and working through them, doing the spiritual work necessary and giving yourself TLC, keeps you clear of remaining stuck in insecurity. Insecurity is an emotion none of us can ever avoid but we can work through and heal from it as new stages of being and maturity come about. Acknowledging that you are insecure and working through those feelings is essential to moving forward. Regardless of outside circumstances, you will be able to network and mingle with others peacefully when you work to keep yourself in check and come to the understanding that you are a valuable person as others are. You will come to terms with the fact that everyone is different and special in their own way. No one can take your importance away from you and you can’t take the importance away from anyone. Being empowered means that the presence or existence of others and their talents, gifts, blessings and journeys will not drive you to want to destroy them or knock them off their focus in any way. You will be more inclined to focus on your progress.

Standing in your power can mean that you will keep pushing in the face of the opposition that tries to keep you distracted from the power you have within. A lot of the time that means to refrain from lowering yourself to the level of an aggressor. Simply not engaging at all.  Everyone is powerful, some people just don’t recognize that. Truly powerful people don’t feel the need to attack, be at war with or belittle anyone.

What’s Meant For You Cannot Be Intercepted

I refuse to accept anyone’s view of what’s perfect and I am letting go of all the learned beliefs I have held, surrounding the false view of perfection. I do not allow anyone’s view of how I should behave, and what I “should” suppress or express, dictate how I live my life. When you live into yourself and go with your own rhythm, you will begin to shed the old. Ditch old habits, and old circumstances and people who’s precence was never for your higher advancement, eventually becoming part of your past. You become acquainted with those who desire the same fairness, peace and success that you are developing.

Part of the metamorphosis are the lingering few from the past that are trying hard to stick around to prevent your change from happening. The effort is a waste of energy because those changes are inevitable and ruled by a higher order. They will act in the form of harsh critics and downers. They will even try to bring you into pointless competition. Changes are happening all around and these folks are resisting the changes. Resistance to them brings nothing but pain, anger, feelings of victimhood and of feeling left out. I can think of a few individuals who are trying to hold onto battles that have long ended. Battles in which no one was the winner. Battles that they realized they were ultimately just fighting with themselves. To these people I say it is time to embrace what’s up ahead on the horizon. Give to God, The Universe, Source, your Angels and Guides, whoever you believe in, hand them the baggage!!!!! Let them help you throw away the anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, competitiveness, self-pity, powerlessness and feelings of victimhood. Let the people who are on their own journey to positive change, move on without your noise. They will move on regardless of it but please make it less painful for you by embracing your own change! You have a path all your own and it’s your choice, you can choose right now to make it awesome. Embrace the new. Embrace love of yourself, so much that you feel no urge to bring down another. Realize you are a powerful creator and that power can continue being used negatively, holding yourself back. Creating an unpleasant reality. Or it can be used positively by gathering all of your strength and energy and injecting it into the new, the exciting. Imagine what you can create starting now. With persistently being mindful of your thoughts and self-talk.

Harsh critics are often harsher on themselves that anyone else. Cut that out..begin a routine of positive self talk. You are worthy of all the good things you have been taught to not feel worthy of. Some things become so engrained in our minds that we do not even notice the beliefs we hold. These can keep us from moving forward. Remind yourself, constantly. Repeat it to yourself that you are worthy of all that is good. Eventually it becomes a part of your reality. Don’t hold yourself back, and don’t attempt to hold others back. It will be wasted effort and only create a sour reality wrapped in a false sense of initial victory. Ask yourself: Who or what am I really fighting? Where did these feelings begin? Why is this person’s positive actions aggravating to the point of wanting to bring them down? That is the beginning of healing.

Accepting any issues, no matter how embarrassing or painful, is a step to self acceptance and self-love. This is a step towards transforming the issue. Getting to the root of certain feelings and your earliest memories of those feelings, will help you realize your true worth. You were never undeserving of the best, you just encountered someone, at some point of your life, that may have made you feel that way because of their own feelings of inadequacy, anger, spite, etc. Free yourself. Break the cycle.

The Need To Appear Perfect

One thing I’ve been dealing with lately and seeing within certain relationships is that need to appear perfect to the other person. I have been able to relate awesomely with a number of people and in relating with them, there is this openness and freedom. We could talk about whatever flowed and even the dark part of our character, the details of angry spurts, pain that at one point may have been repressed even, and the times when we’ve been in shameful situations. As well as joyful times, dreams, and embarrassments. Now that I’m more open and have experienced this, I don’t like to go back to that nudging distrust that starts brewing when you feel someone is trying to appear too perfect. It’s feels uncomfortable and nothing seems genuine.

I know there is a point in the very beginning of getting to know a person where they may be just trying to make a good impression and that’s OK. With some individuals though, there is this continuous struggle to remain perfect. It’s very evident and just a complete turn off from trying to get to know the person or really dealing with the person at all.

One word: RELAX! We are all damaged in some way and EVERYBODY knows this. Trying to appear perfect creates distrust. The feeling that you are hiding something starts to creep up on the other person. Despite the fact that I’m a pretty open person, I myself tend to kind of shy away from people who try so hard. More and more people are starting to go by their intuition and gut feelings so trying to get to know someone who is trying to hide themselves in that way is like pulling teeth and creates awkwardness. They behave one way but there this subtle alarm telling you something different.

I know for many it can be difficult to just be yourself in a world that tries to force you to be dull or to submit to certain life style’s and ways. Even if you were to do that, you’d still get judged anyway. It sounds pretty dramatic (lol), but I mean, really.. You constantly hear people say they can’t f*ck with people who can’t keep it (excuse my ebonics) “One Hunnit” (100%/Real) etc *cackling*, yet the same folks will talk sh*t about you, and ridicule you for whatever reason. At one point you have to get sick and tired of pretending and hiding. My problem was always saying “Yes”, when I really wanted to say “No”. That’s a mask as well. Just as I was, pretending to be content when I was actually enraged on the inside. At one point you get to that “f*ck-it” threshold. You come to a completely clear realization that other people struggle with the same demons you do or worse. Or you even go beyond to look at it from an even higher stand-point: That we are all perfect in our ways, we all bring our own individual “something” to creation itself, we are all living a short journey on earth, of many journeys, that is about play. We have incarnated as different characters to experience ourSELF because we are ONE, in different forms, we are learning and we are the way we are supposed to be in this NOW moment.

Flaws are part of the game. Just relax and BE. Your true nature is beautified by flaws as well as mindless joy and fun. Think about how you were as a child..that is perfection right there, even with the tantrums, kicking and screaming and not really caring about who was watching or what anyone thought. It is the conditioning later on that made you become self-conscious and at one point if you decide to choose the path of freedom, you will start to unlearn this. I saw a posting on facebook that just had me like “wow”, because it is the mere truth. It said something along the lines of “Be yourself. When you are not yourself, you draw to your reality, people who are not in vibrational alignment with who you really are, so you will always feel like you never fit in. When you are yourself freely, you will eventually draw to yourself people who, like you, let shine their true nature, which is a match to your own.” Think about it, you’ll feel right at home. *smiles*