You Were Made To Win


Hardship was never meant to deter you. Temporarily? Maybe! But not permanently to where you remain in a defeated state for too long. This is not what you were made for. Going through periods of suffering and pain does not mean you deserve to remain in that state. Challenges were made for you to rise and overcome them, to make you flexible, unbreakable. Sometimes going through difficulty will have many falling into the mental trap that this is maybe something they deserve. Never believe it. It is an ego trap design to make you stray away from your potential. Keep pushing!

Your Unshakable Purpose

Do not waste time explaining your position or your passions to anyone. God gave everyone their unique qualities and purpose to fulfill in life. Sometimes there will be those who will come along to challenge you and knock you off from your position but what God gives you is what God gives you for a lifetime. These challenges come in the form of mocking, persecution, or even minor “problem starters” who create conflict to distract you. Sometimes the closer you get to your purpose the more challenges and challengers will be placed in your path. From a higher standpoint these are placed there for your growth, so perseverance and learning how to manage your energy and attention is key. No human has the ability to take your purpose away from you. Continue stubbornly towards the amazing things in store for you and in the direction of accomplishing your projects and fulfilling what turns on that flame of passion and creativity. God wants you to nurture these things. This is what God gave you to propel you towards your accomplishments.