New Beginnings Can Be Frightening

There comes a period of time when a necessary cleansing needs to take place. You look forward to it and the rewards this cleansing will bring. There will always be beautiful gifts when letting go of old energy and habits that do not serve us. Once the work has been done, you’re left with a void. Even if the old habits and old things were wrecking your life or just leading you nowhere, there is that empty void staring you in the soul.


“It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap.”

This is my current experience. It is a huge life change you should be proud of but then there’s that gap and you start wondering what you should do. You may even fall into a depression and fear of the unknown. It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap. The long milliseconds turned to what seems like minutes between the jump and the landing. This is where meditation and reflection must come in. I haven’t always shot straight to those methods, even nowadays and sort of ruminated, fell a bit depressed and even manic. But as time went by and I began to look through my life journey and the spiritual milestones I have attained through meditation itself, I began to look to self-reflection once again.

I am obviously back at writing now..something that I love but haven’t done in months. My case of “writer’s block” was simply being distracted by old drama and bullshit. It was blocking my creative energy. There were things that I needed to rid myself of. It was hard! It always is. I had to work through some past traumas and a few toxic interactions that took me a while to recognize as toxic and I finally came through the threshold. I am literally a blank slate at this point. I am excited, impatient, anxious and freaked out.

….But here I am actually writing after months and months of being stuck!!! The creative energy  is flowing back, bringing with it some new ideas. Many manifestations that I have set the intention for in the past are coming to fruition now, all thanks to letting go. Changes and new beginnings are scary because many of us are simply control freaks trying to constantly foresee the future. We can be gluttons for pain as we hold on to toxic crap that only delays our progress. I am happy to finally have made it through yet another cycle.

What’s Meant For You Cannot Be Intercepted

I refuse to accept anyone’s view of what’s perfect and I am letting go of all the learned beliefs I have held, surrounding the false view of perfection. I do not allow anyone’s view of how I should behave, and what I “should” suppress or express, dictate how I live my life. When you live into yourself and go with your own rhythm, you will begin to shed the old. Ditch old habits, and old circumstances and people who’s precence was never for your higher advancement, eventually becoming part of your past. You become acquainted with those who desire the same fairness, peace and success that you are developing.

Part of the metamorphosis are the lingering few from the past that are trying hard to stick around to prevent your change from happening. The effort is a waste of energy because those changes are inevitable and ruled by a higher order. They will act in the form of harsh critics and downers. They will even try to bring you into pointless competition. Changes are happening all around and these folks are resisting the changes. Resistance to them brings nothing but pain, anger, feelings of victimhood and of feeling left out. I can think of a few individuals who are trying to hold onto battles that have long ended. Battles in which no one was the winner. Battles that they realized they were ultimately just fighting with themselves. To these people I say it is time to embrace what’s up ahead on the horizon. Give to God, The Universe, Source, your Angels and Guides, whoever you believe in, hand them the baggage!!!!! Let them help you throw away the anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, competitiveness, self-pity, powerlessness and feelings of victimhood. Let the people who are on their own journey to positive change, move on without your noise. They will move on regardless of it but please make it less painful for you by embracing your own change! You have a path all your own and it’s your choice, you can choose right now to make it awesome. Embrace the new. Embrace love of yourself, so much that you feel no urge to bring down another. Realize you are a powerful creator and that power can continue being used negatively, holding yourself back. Creating an unpleasant reality. Or it can be used positively by gathering all of your strength and energy and injecting it into the new, the exciting. Imagine what you can create starting now. With persistently being mindful of your thoughts and self-talk.

Harsh critics are often harsher on themselves that anyone else. Cut that out..begin a routine of positive self talk. You are worthy of all the good things you have been taught to not feel worthy of. Some things become so engrained in our minds that we do not even notice the beliefs we hold. These can keep us from moving forward. Remind yourself, constantly. Repeat it to yourself that you are worthy of all that is good. Eventually it becomes a part of your reality. Don’t hold yourself back, and don’t attempt to hold others back. It will be wasted effort and only create a sour reality wrapped in a false sense of initial victory. Ask yourself: Who or what am I really fighting? Where did these feelings begin? Why is this person’s positive actions aggravating to the point of wanting to bring them down? That is the beginning of healing.

Accepting any issues, no matter how embarrassing or painful, is a step to self acceptance and self-love. This is a step towards transforming the issue. Getting to the root of certain feelings and your earliest memories of those feelings, will help you realize your true worth. You were never undeserving of the best, you just encountered someone, at some point of your life, that may have made you feel that way because of their own feelings of inadequacy, anger, spite, etc. Free yourself. Break the cycle.