Excerpt From A Great Book On Abundance

I’ve been reading a book I stumbled upon recently called “The Little Book Of Infinite Abundance” by Naisha Ahsian, and I wanted to share an excerpt from the book. It is a concept that I have been practicing for quite some time now, without really knowing it was a solid idea or practice that had been documented as detailed as she described it:

“The emotional energy you use to manifest your creation is the content of that creation. When you create from fear, desperation or separation, the form you manifest will be filled with this energy – it will not fulfill you. In fact, it will continually remind you of fear, desperation and separation. When you create with the frequency of love, joy and abundance- no matter what they look like on the outside. Your creations will be truly “full-filling” and will be constant reminders of your love, joy and abundance.”

When you try to manifest something, what emotional energy do you place behind it? When you have the intention of gaining, creating or buying something, are you doing it to “impress”? Or simply for the joy of having it? Doing something for the purpose of impressing, being liked and accepted, or to so called “sh*t on the next person” as some people would say out of competitiveness, is rooted in feelings of fear and lack or scarcity mentality. It only results in feeling empty once again and wanting more and more, leading to never being fulfilled. This is not abundance. Abundance is when you do things out of pure passion or joy. You gain, create, or purchase something just because you like it, not out of desperation or to impress or one-up anyone. Abundance leads you to more creation and to infusing your job or tasks with a joyful energy. It is not always easy but this is why you consciously have to make the decision to align with that energy, every time you feel you are unmotivated or doing things for the wrong reasons. Abundance is a feeling. An energy bestowed to all of us from the divine energy/source of creation. Abundance is in sharing with others out of pure generosity, leading us to receive abundance in different forms. Sharing your time, money, or anything small. Even sharing a snack with a friend out of wanting to share how good it tastes. Those little things create more access to the energy of abundance itself.

I started my spiritual journey about 5 years ago. My experience with the concept talked about in the excerpt from Naisha Ahsian’s book, started to come up in my life about 3 years ago. I knew I was lining up with a more positive outlook and with my purpose through meditation on mindfulness. I also started to notice another kind of change that I couldn’t quite pin-point or label. I started to notice that my desire for certain material things diminished because I had found fulfillment elsewhere. In the past I would splurge on outfits and other things but that did not satisfy me. The thought of going back to the feeling of dissatisfaction buy after buy after buy, makes me more motivated to complete the abundance program Naisha Ahsian has set up in her book, even though for a long time now I no longer feel the need to splurge on things. When I do decide to get something, it is for the simple reason that it gives me joy to have it. Not to fill a void, or to impress people.

Naisha mentions in her book, that money does not equate to abundance as we have forever thought. She explains that there are many millionaires and people in general who do have money but they do not have abundance. Say what?? This kills the old belief that money equates to abundance and she is right. There are financially wealthy people who are unhappy and very greedy. They only want more, and they will climb over anyone or anything to get it. That right there is operating from scarcity mentality. You believe that what you get is limited, so you behave negatively to get it or once you get it because you think it will be taken away. You have to outrank and compete against someone else.  When you finally flow from abundance, which again is not one particular thing, it is an energy that includes joy, you no longer suffer the stress and desperation of wanting certain things, if you have been “struggling” or you no longer suffer from greed, and wanting to be bigger and better than anyone else. You relax knowing that you are taken care of while working to stay in the flow. You do your work with a positive attitude, without thinking so much about the money. This is when you start to draw in opportunities.

I stumbled upon this book and it was no accident. I think it is a blessing and to anyone who wants to expand, this is the link to it: The Little Book Of Infinite Abundance. Blessings to everyone.


Forever In My Heart: Avonte Oquendo!

I am sending my Condolences to the Oquendo family. I’m so sorry you lost your precious baby. As the mother of a non-verbal child with Autism, I followed the story and it really hit home. I have never  been so affected by a story in my life. I have broken down several times.. my heart aches for the family, for losing their beautiful treasure. Avonte served his purpose and is now in bliss, away from the pains of the world. He is now accompanied by our ancestors and our creator. Thousands of people followed the story, and grew to love Avonte without even knowing him personally. Many of us grew to love him and his family, specially those of us with special needs children. I love Avonte as my own child. He will forever be in my heart and will always be remembered.

Avonte, I am sorry that your school failed to protect you and to take care of you.

Our children should always be safe in school. This should never have happened and hopefully it never happens again. We need more compassionate staff members, we need people who are passionate about their jobs v.s. negligent uncaring people who are only working for money. Specially when it comes to our special needs children.  There are a few petitions available to help create better measures for children with special needs:

New York State Senate: Create Avonte’s alert, named for Avonte Oquendo.


Support the Avonte Oquendo Program: provide voluntary tracking devices for children with Autism

I will continue to send my positive energy to the family, despite the grief. It’s best for positive energy to be directed towards them so that they can gain strength and resilience to begin and go through the healing process. I will forever keep you in my heart Avonte.

Alessandro Wrote It

Alessandro Wrote It

The purple letters are handwritten by my 8 year old son Alessandro himself with very minimal assistance. (He has autism and is nonverbal) He’s been able to write his name since before the end of last school year and it has improved and he needs less and less help..he is making a lot of progress and he puts in a lot of effort!! He may be non-verbal right now but he’s picking up momentum in other areas. I love my sunshine.. (the orange scribble is his brother anthony’s ..always gotta be in everybody else’s stuff lol)

Being An Autism-Mom: Life With My Alessandro

Mother And SonI was just coming out of my teens when I had gave birth to my now 8 year old son Alessandro. 6 lbs, 7 oz and 19 in. long. He was such a gift, wrinkly, beautiful and so alert. Immediately wide-eyed and peeping everything around him. Just as much as I wondered what was going on in his little mind back then, I still til this day wonder. I can only imagine and my heart aches sometimes because I don’t know. I have not had the opportunity to peek inside his mind because we have never had a two-way conversation, except through our mother-son, spiritual, mental connection. This is what makes the heart-ache go away.. and I start to laugh. I have to watch what I say around him at times. I have seen him laughing or giving me the mom-you-are-insane look when I’m arguing with myself or when I have mentioned things that other children would react in the same manner to, if their parents were to say them. Even the time recently that I played a video of a guy singing horribly off-key, he was cracking up. It was the funniest thing ever and just amazing to see.

In 2007, close to the age of 2, he was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and delayed speech. He is still non-verbal, just makes his sounds, wawing, ooing and Ahh-ing etc.  As an infant he was so active, made all types of sounds, and walked at 10 months. He was giggly, made eye contact from the beginning, and was developing pretty normally until around the time he turned 1, I noticed he wasn’t really pointing very much and his eye contact was fading. He had said only a few words and nothing else, which is something i had noticed from before but I was still just waiting for other words to come in. Just thinking that all kids develop differently and sorta left it at that, but his pediatrician mentioned that he should be speaking more and referred me to a pretty good developmental pediatrician, which then diagnosed him, after evaluation. Before that though, even the few words he had spoken were not heard out of his mouth again.

He immediately began early intervention which included speech therapy and preschool in a very concentrated setting. His eye contact came back when he was around 3. Such a huge huge step for us. And eventually he had more of a liveliness and a desire to talk and learn. He has not spoken much yet but we have been trying many different things. Since he loves to eat, I actually got him to say “Mom” a few times if he wanted me to give him some snacks that he wanted lol. He has the ability to speak, but it will all come in his own time though, with a lot of help.

IMG_20130628_113714He has such a bright spirit, is very loving and loves to hug. A true teddy bear. And happy most of the time, when his baby brother, 5 year old Anthony,  is not working his nerves lol. He has actually taught me the lesson of slowing down sometimes and just enjoying life for what it is. He is always in the moment. With everything that comes with our journey, I am so thankful and grateful for having both my sons as mine in this lifetime. He is here for a wonderful purpose and I am happy that he was born to be so much, including to play the role of my son. I am happy that he was given to me because I feel that despite some of the frustrations and my own imperfections, I was and am able to provide him with the love and support that he needs. He is a true angel and a blessings. I commend all of us, mothers of special needs children and ALL moms out there, period. It takes great strength to be a mom and more so, to be the parent of a special needs child. Many of special needs children have grown up and gone on to be great inventors, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, geniuses, or just happy adults with children and with awesome memories that would not have been possible without amazing parents and so much more despite the rest of the world’s assumptions that their “conditions” would hold them back.

To anyone that may not have any hope at this time, or may be grieving the hardships you are going through, circumstances change all the time. Sudden sparks of inspiration just appear in our kids’ minds. Do not let a certain type of condition in a special-needs child fool you, there is a greatness within him/her that you may or may not sense yet and in time they will show it to you in a way that you will finally come to realize that he/she is perfect in this moment, and ever-changing. Their journey is unfolding and a work in progress.