Trusting The Universe: My Experience In Letting Go Of Ideal Outcomes

Up until a few years ago, I lived my life in high stress. I couldn’t relax very much and didn’t really know what true inner peace really was because I was conditioned, like most of the population, to believe that you have to constantly scurry around in order to achieve anything. That you have to be constantly busy in order to feel worthy of any success, and that operating in that way will guarantee success. I felt ostracized by the voices I had internalized during childhood. Being scolded for taking a quick break or for claiming to be tired. We have been taught to be totally disconnected to the flow that truly rules our lives and that’s where trouble comes in. We are being asked to go against the flow, and our own bodies’ internal clock. Everything in the universe is in sync with one another and things seem to happen at the time that they need to. There is a natural pattern that our bodies are trying to flow with, yet we fight ourselves and work against time because this is what has been always considered normal and what has been ingrained  in our heads.

In my experience, the more I fought to achieve a specific outcome, the more elusive it became. I found that once I began to trust in divine timing, and in the natural flow of things, I saw that different and unexpected opportunities would arise. Sometimes even the arrival of more beneficial outcomes than imagined. Expectation leads to disappointment in most cases, and the “letting go” process requires detachment from desired outcomes. This does not mean that I am putting my dreams, goals and aspirations in the back burner. Actually, I have already set the intention that those dreams, goals and aspirations are what I want to get to, but I don’t attach myself to them so much that I end up in a constant state of wondering about if it will happen or not. I just continue doing the work required to get to them, at my own pace. Or shall I say, at an enjoyable pace. When you have that passion and love for your work, the universe opens more doors for you. When you are not enjoying yourself in what you do, most of the time, it does not get you anywhere or the desired results. When you are relentlessly working yourself past the point of exhaustion, rushing yourself, being a perfectionist, and being harsh towards yourself when it comes to reaching these goals, wondering constantly about when things will happen for you, and/or working to be better than someone else, you are operating from a fear-based standpoint. You are not attracting the positive energy that will propel you towards your goal.


The motivation behind many people, for doing great in life, seems to be centered on beating the next person. I am not dismissing that there are other, more meaningful motives for success, such as the caring of the family or assuring the security of their children’s futures, the enjoyment of luxuries, travel etc. Of course there are.  I’m referring to how nowadays many individuals are driven by how the next person is doing in comparison to themselves. They want to do better than the next person, not remembering that everyone has their own path and journey. The next person’s success is totally different than the success that is meant for your own life’s path. Focusing on what another person is doing, is taking the focus off yourself. The true focus needed to monitor your own progress and to truly enjoy your work. You are robbing yourself of your own creativity because your energy is now being partially or fully focused on being better than someone else.

The relaxation and trust in the universal flow is  pretty much a form of meditation. The art of letting go and allowing.  In most cases, after worrying and stressing about job searching, bills, or many other things that we stress about in our everyday lives, you find that everything eventually works out. All the fear-based outcomes you envisioned were only unfounded and imaginary. I have had many points in my life where there was plenty of financial struggle. Each and every time I would go through these kinds of situations, I complained a lot and did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. Then as I got a bit older and got the chance to see more of my life unfolding, I started noticing that each and every difficult situation in my life, that I thought I would not get out of, ended up having an outcome different from the one I would imagine. A positive one!  All of my fears were a complete waste of time and energy, when I could have been focusing on being in the moment and enjoying my life for what it was. After having this realization a few years ago I started to just let go and enjoy my life, the big and little things. I let go of those fears because I started to trust what I have seen time and time again. Even when things seem to be at their toughest, I have come to see that silver lining.

If you find yourself in a constant state of tension, always rushing, always thinking that you will not achieve your goals, feeling unworthy because you are not working at the same pace as others or because you haven’t achieved what another person has, being a perfectionist to the point of stress, not getting enough rest (I have heard the saying “Sleep is for suckers!” and the hash-tag all over the web: #teamnosleep …tisk! your body is your temple, take care of it! Get rest! You’re obviously going to need your body!)… If you find yourself constantly doing any of these things… STOP! If I began to tell you how amazing life is and how it works for you when you are not doing all of these things, this would be a much longer article. Please relax! There is abundance and success available to everyone. Someone else having success does not rob you of your own. Breathe and set the intention that you will achieve what you set out to do, and then continue on to do your work at your own desired pace. The rest will follow. Last but not least, Do not let society and the media tell you what defines success.  Success comes in many forms!

Making The Best Out Of A Retail Job

For a very long time, I was an on-and-off stay-at-home mom. It has not really been by choice either, mainly because of the job market and just working for whack employers or small Massage Therapy/Spa businesses that either didn’t last very long or were very bad at advertising among many other things. Being that I worked in the Massage Therapy field, I never really came in contact with large amounts of people at a time while on the job. The last time I had worked a retail job was in 2005, before I had my first son. I was a complete hermit, in between the MT jobs and being at home for periods at a time. The one exception was when I worked at these office suites as a receptionist managing many phones lines but even then it was a pretty chilled out job for the most part.

I started working retail again after many years, in January of 2013. Obviously out of necessity. I felt I had no choice at the time since I had hit some super rough times and needed anything to keep me afloat. After feeling like a hermit for so long, suddenly being in that kind of job can be like waking up to cold water being thrown in your face (giggle). Initially I was pretty over-sensitive. My people skills and tolerance threshold were not the best. I had to realize that dealing with some of the people I was dealing with was pretty much the equivalent of dealing with overgrown children. I have never allowed myself to treat a retail employer like complete garbage over anything, much less because the item I wanted wasn’t in stock! For someone who has been sensitive and empathic for a large part of her life, I abhor harsh energy and throwing it at others just because. I had to arm myself with spiritual techniques as well as continuously remembering that the world is in pain.

When I speak of spiritual techniques, I am referring to my belief in shielding. I practice visual shielding techniques, and meditating with grounding/protective stones and crystals. Prayer by itself is fine too. Whatever you rely on for spiritual protection is fine as long as you believe in it and it works for you. I am a believer in energies and auras. Because of trauma, not-so-pleasant life experiences, we all, at some point, end up carrying negative energy around in our auras. If you are an empathic person and are sensitive to energies, you end up picking up many of the ones you come in contact with. You will feel their emotions, intentions etc. So as you can imagine, working retail can be taxing for someone like myself.

You have all types of angry and hurt people walking in and out. Some will complain and even curse you and call you out of your name. On top of my shielding techniques, the patience and assertiveness I had to build, I also had to keep in mind that some of these people are compensating for something they lack or they are just angry at life. I used to have my bouts of self-consciousness but that stopped when I reminded myself repeatedly that many people who are disrespectful and have nasty behavior, are hurt or trying to prove themselves because they lack something.

Sometimes when I would have to deal with some of the customers who behaved in this way, I would keep my calm demeanor, even remain aloof and detached from the behavior because I know it wasn’t about me. I would give them the proper greeting and a genuine smile and I started seeing a transformation happening in these people. Their whole demeanor and mood would change in a positive way. There was no longer any tension in the air and the energy became lighter. They would leave different than when they came in. This truly has worked most of the time for me. When you work to radiate a positive energy you can change the people around you and inspire them to be better. I have been on the other side of the coin, not necessarily in a retail setting but in other occasions when I’ve been feeling down and out and just the smile of another and their greeting or laughter changes my day.

Another thing I have learned to apply more often to many situations is assertiveness and standing my ground. When things start to get out of hand and you have a ruthless customer who is yelling and cursing at you and is asking you to check the stock room again for their item or to print a whole entire large order of pictures out for free because of a mistake on a single one of them, you have to answer confidently regardless of weather you think they’re not going to like the response. Or just explain that you will get your manager but never cower. I used to be that shy, conflict-phobic chick back in the day and I see that a lot in some retail employees. Being assertive gets straight to the point instead of flinching, cowering and apologizing a billion times for things you cannot control. Yes, some customers do think that you have control over the prices.

The best way to be is assertive and positive. Detach as much as you can from negative reactions and behavior because it isn’t about you. Let working this type of job inspire you and grow you to be better and to rise above that kind of behavior. Remind yourself that it is not something you want to become and stand tall. No one is better than anyone, and no one is below anyone. If someone is being an a**hole, they are either in emotional pain, or compensating for what they lack.