Social Media Illusion


Social media is a double edged sword. You can learn so much from it, connect with different people in positive ways but also be fooled and confused into delusions by it. We tend to focus so much on what we see externally and on the over-importance of others, as we minimize our own efforts and successes. Extroversion and boastfulness do not equate to confidence or success. Introversion and silence do not equate to low self-worth or failure. The internet and social media can be a house of mirrors that can fool many into believing that what’s most physically evident is what’s true or what has more worth than internal successes and intangible qualities about ourselves.

If you were able to take a picture of your soul, would you post that picture on social media? Before being upset or feeling down about your so called failures and inability to “prove” anything to the world, remember that there is much more worth in the intangible progress you make, than in the physical things you can “showcase”. Anyone with a pulse can post something and make it look beautiful on Instagram and Facebook. They can throw filters, they can arrange themselves a certain way or they can legitimately have beautiful things and a perfectly glamorous home or outfit, but inside of them can exist a whole different world opposite of all that outer beauty.

Some people use these outer complishments as crutches to help them feel a sense of superiority over others. Some people see these things and automatically feel belittled because unfortunately, the world convinces you that if you do not show any physical, tangible success, that you are a failure. What most people who fall into this littleness forget to think about is the fact that anyone who has to showcase anything to make others feel less than, deep down, feels like a little person themselves. Everyone acts out their sense of inferiority differently and some will do by posting excessive selfies and pictures showcasing what they have, in an attempt to gain many likes or to prove themselves to others. Take into account also, that many people who focus so much on the material and on showing what they have, are not doing the proper healing or dealing with their own insecurity. They will leave inner work unnoticed and their inner child unattended, for the sake of fulfilling their desperate need for likes and recognition.

I have seen people who have the most beautiful souls and enriching lives, who do for others and are developing themselves beautifully inside and out. Owning their flaws and on the path to self-love. They do not go out of their way to flaunt because they are already fulfilled. I myself am on this path to self love and healing and it is an extremely valuable path. Well worth it, full of it’s ups and downs of course. We are not the most glamorous of people because that’s not the path that we have, we are here for a larger purpose. I can see why people who do spiritual work can feel so out of place. Society seems to value physicality and riches above anything. But know that physicality and riches is not the ultimate truth, specially when it is being used as a replacement to, or a distraction from spiritual growth and healing.

Enjoy your journey and your life. Be thankful for the things you have such as family, home, food, nature surrounding you, and the many beautiful and sometimes small things you can think of. Putting yourself above others is not conducive to blessings. Being thankful for what you already have, is. It is a beautiful balance when you can have beautiful things and a peaceful soul. My writing of this article is not proclaiming that it is a bad thing to have physical things and to enjoy them. What I am trying to help people understand is that it is not conducive to well being when you allow physical gratification, the desperate need for riches, or the desperate need to showcase things for likes, to overtake your life and distract you from your much more important and bigger spiritual advancement.

The Passive And Active Ego

The two types of ego:

  • Active ego: Boisterous and Bragging, displaying talents only for approval and compliments. Looking down on others who you believe are below you.
  • Passive ego: Hiding away for fear of being seen as one who brags or thinks is better than others. Deciding not to put your works of art or talents out there for fear that others will judge and accuse you for thinking you are better than they are.


  • The happy medium: Being happy about your work and satisfied that you did it. Not hanging on to positive or negative critique. Knowing that you put your heart and soul into it and tuning out critique but being grateful for the positive whilst not clinging to it. Knowing that your work is an expression of your soul and it was meant to be out there. It is being able to check yourself when either of these “voices” come up, that wonder what others will think. Every time you think: “will they like this” or “I can’t wait to make others jealous by doing/buying this” “they’re gonna hate on me” or “omg let me not do this because I’ll be labeled conceited.”.

I have fallen into the trap of the latter: The passive ego. I almost did not open this page (Facebook fan page I have)  for fear of being looked at as some “know it all” or some charlatan, but I went ahead with it anyway because I want to share some of what I have learned in my journey. Everyone has a right to share with the world their knowledge, wisdom, talents, specially if they come from the heart and soul..specially if they are passionate about them and they feel guided. There are many that can benefit from your creativity and wisdom. Everyone has something to bring to the table.. EVERYONE!!!

Love ♥Diana