New Beginnings Can Be Frightening

There comes a period of time when a necessary cleansing needs to take place. You look forward to it and the rewards this cleansing will bring. There will always be beautiful gifts when letting go of old energy and habits that do not serve us. Once the work has been done, you’re left with a void. Even if the old habits and old things were wrecking your life or just leading you nowhere, there is that empty void staring you in the soul.


“It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap.”

This is my current experience. It is a huge life change you should be proud of but then there’s that gap and you start wondering what you should do. You may even fall into a depression and fear of the unknown. It’s the process of falling after you’ve taken the leap. The long milliseconds turned to what seems like minutes between the jump and the landing. This is where meditation and reflection must come in. I haven’t always shot straight to those methods, even nowadays and sort of ruminated, fell a bit depressed and even manic. But as time went by and I began to look through my life journey and the spiritual milestones I have attained through meditation itself, I began to look to self-reflection once again.

I am obviously back at writing now..something that I love but haven’t done in months. My case of “writer’s block” was simply being distracted by old drama and bullshit. It was blocking my creative energy. There were things that I needed to rid myself of. It was hard! It always is. I had to work through some past traumas and a few toxic interactions that took me a while to recognize as toxic and I finally came through the threshold. I am literally a blank slate at this point. I am excited, impatient, anxious and freaked out.

….But here I am actually writing after months and months of being stuck!!! The creative energy  is flowing back, bringing with it some new ideas. Many manifestations that I have set the intention for in the past are coming to fruition now, all thanks to letting go. Changes and new beginnings are scary because many of us are simply control freaks trying to constantly foresee the future. We can be gluttons for pain as we hold on to toxic crap that only delays our progress. I am happy to finally have made it through yet another cycle.

Excerpt From A Great Book On Abundance

I’ve been reading a book I stumbled upon recently called “The Little Book Of Infinite Abundance” by Naisha Ahsian, and I wanted to share an excerpt from the book. It is a concept that I have been practicing for quite some time now, without really knowing it was a solid idea or practice that had been documented as detailed as she described it:

“The emotional energy you use to manifest your creation is the content of that creation. When you create from fear, desperation or separation, the form you manifest will be filled with this energy – it will not fulfill you. In fact, it will continually remind you of fear, desperation and separation. When you create with the frequency of love, joy and abundance- no matter what they look like on the outside. Your creations will be truly “full-filling” and will be constant reminders of your love, joy and abundance.”

When you try to manifest something, what emotional energy do you place behind it? When you have the intention of gaining, creating or buying something, are you doing it to “impress”? Or simply for the joy of having it? Doing something for the purpose of impressing, being liked and accepted, or to so called “sh*t on the next person” as some people would say out of competitiveness, is rooted in feelings of fear and lack or scarcity mentality. It only results in feeling empty once again and wanting more and more, leading to never being fulfilled. This is not abundance. Abundance is when you do things out of pure passion or joy. You gain, create, or purchase something just because you like it, not out of desperation or to impress or one-up anyone. Abundance leads you to more creation and to infusing your job or tasks with a joyful energy. It is not always easy but this is why you consciously have to make the decision to align with that energy, every time you feel you are unmotivated or doing things for the wrong reasons. Abundance is a feeling. An energy bestowed to all of us from the divine energy/source of creation. Abundance is in sharing with others out of pure generosity, leading us to receive abundance in different forms. Sharing your time, money, or anything small. Even sharing a snack with a friend out of wanting to share how good it tastes. Those little things create more access to the energy of abundance itself.

I started my spiritual journey about 5 years ago. My experience with the concept talked about in the excerpt from Naisha Ahsian’s book, started to come up in my life about 3 years ago. I knew I was lining up with a more positive outlook and with my purpose through meditation on mindfulness. I also started to notice another kind of change that I couldn’t quite pin-point or label. I started to notice that my desire for certain material things diminished because I had found fulfillment elsewhere. In the past I would splurge on outfits and other things but that did not satisfy me. The thought of going back to the feeling of dissatisfaction buy after buy after buy, makes me more motivated to complete the abundance program Naisha Ahsian has set up in her book, even though for a long time now I no longer feel the need to splurge on things. When I do decide to get something, it is for the simple reason that it gives me joy to have it. Not to fill a void, or to impress people.

Naisha mentions in her book, that money does not equate to abundance as we have forever thought. She explains that there are many millionaires and people in general who do have money but they do not have abundance. Say what?? This kills the old belief that money equates to abundance and she is right. There are financially wealthy people who are unhappy and very greedy. They only want more, and they will climb over anyone or anything to get it. That right there is operating from scarcity mentality. You believe that what you get is limited, so you behave negatively to get it or once you get it because you think it will be taken away. You have to outrank and compete against someone else.  When you finally flow from abundance, which again is not one particular thing, it is an energy that includes joy, you no longer suffer the stress and desperation of wanting certain things, if you have been “struggling” or you no longer suffer from greed, and wanting to be bigger and better than anyone else. You relax knowing that you are taken care of while working to stay in the flow. You do your work with a positive attitude, without thinking so much about the money. This is when you start to draw in opportunities.

I stumbled upon this book and it was no accident. I think it is a blessing and to anyone who wants to expand, this is the link to it: The Little Book Of Infinite Abundance. Blessings to everyone.