Psychological Take on Discrimination

Society is very fickle. Acceptance can turn into rejection very quickly. Letting the world dictate your worth is self-destruction, whether they accept you or not. 

This brings me back to how certain groups are celebrated above others. When people from the lesser celebrated groups are elevated in some way, come barging in people from privileged groups to shut it down! Because their sense of superiority against the less celebrated group is challenged. When people from privileged groups have strong reactions towards the celebration of those who get less attention usually, that means they don’t believe in their own worth in the first place. They depend on society to tell them how much better they are than another group.

On a smaller scale, someone who is well grounded in healthy self-worth, doesn’t have issues with others being celebrated, especially when people who are barely uplifted, finally get the spotlight and look amazing doing it.

Some groups operate from the fear of lack. They’re in constant fear of being out shined so they keep the status quo by following supremacist ideologies. Other groups constantly ridicule certain features because they’re afraid that someone with the features they ridicule will gain any confidence at all and be seen for what they are.