Quinoa Black Bean Wraps

Within the last few weeks I have been making my transition into eating vegetarian and vegan meals. I have so far made a few meals that did not last on the plate for too long before my family and I punished them *giggle* 😄. There is so much variety out there that will motivate you to go vegetarian or vegan. I bookmarked a recipe a few days ago and made it today.


Quinoa Black Bean Wraps

They are so good and are super healthy. Here’s the recipe link: Quinoa Black Bean Wrap

I decided to incorporate vegan and vegetarian foods into my diet because I felt weighed down eating meats. In combination with the humane factor of doing my part in respecting animal life, I felt like taking a healthier route. Meats are more of an acidic food and that in itself is not contributing to my skin health and energy in general. Since eating healthier, I have felt more energized, and have notice slight positive differences in my body.

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